Foxy Brown Comes Out Swinging against Remy Ma. Drops a Diss song (Listen)

This female vs female rapper beef continues to escalate. While Nicki seemingly is trying her best to avoid the topic, another rapper is not. Foxy Brown, appears to have entered the ring. The Shade Room posted a video snippet that seems to be Foxy rapping over Jay Z’s classic Nas diss, “Takeover.” It’s a pretty obvious nod that it’s targeted at Remy, who rapped over Nas’ beat to “Ether” which was also a classic response to Jay. Maybe she’ll title it “ShTakeover”? No?

  • Dino Da Rapper

    im the 1st comment but someone tell me what was the point of this bitch dissing remy ma thats nicki minaj job she needs to stay the fuck out the beef with that short ass whack ass jab she tried to throw this aint ya battle move around foxy toppy

    • I guess Foxxy is Saying She is the queen of Hip-Hop, has a better flow and wants to prove it. I wouldn’t be surprise if Lil Kim steps in and trying to fight for the title. For young people who don’t know, back in the 90’s Foxxy, Lil Kim then came Remy Ma who were the baddest female rappers. Who really stands out to the rap culture.

      But truthfully, don’t be upset cause foxxy jumped in the fight. That’s what we did back in the days and still today “Ya jump people” it was never a fair fight. Black people like to jump one individual with ten niggas. I’ve seen it all my life. It was never a fair fight!

      Truthfully I love all female rappers and Remy Ma, is the best female rapper alive. This beef just got better and more entertaining cause Foxxy jump in. One thing for sure ” This doesn’t look good for Miss Minaj at all! She needs to respond.

      Calling Lil Kim, you need to step in and make this beef even more interesting 😂


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