Lil Yachty Addresses Soulja Boy Beef, Backlash over Biggie Comments, New Album & More!

Lil Yachty stopped by 106KMEL last week before his show in San Francisco to catch up with our very own Shay Diddy. The two talked about his recent ventures, including his involvement in the Sprite/Lebron James commercial and his partnership with Nautica and Urban Outfitters. He also revealed that fans can expect a new project from him before the end of the year, though he has yet to start working on it.

The “Minnesota” rapper took the time to get things off his chest during this sit-down interview, and addressed the Soulja Boy beef, detailing how it started and his take on the situation. Yachty notes that while he’s moved on from it, his friendship with Soulja Boy has been severed, commenting that he now knows to be careful around other rappers and “their fake personas”.

Lil Boat also discussed the criticism and backlash he’s been receiving lately due to recent headlines about his comments regarding Biggie. Yachty stood by his comments, while also acknowledging the negative comments he’s received from Pete Rock and Lord Jamar as well. Yachty also clarified the rumors that he said Drake was better than Biggie and Tupac (which he cleared up as someone else saying and being taken out of context).

Check out exactly what Lil Yachty had to say on these topics, and more.

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